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The ideal shoreline is often envisioned as a gentle slope with a sandy beach. Most shorelines don't meet those conditions. Many have steep slopes, wet areas, ridges, and other structures that make property management challenging. It's not ideal to build retaining walls, excavate steep slopes, fill in wet areas, or import sand. Protecting the natural shoreline features is important to protecting water quality and the ecosystem of the lake.

We work directly with shoreline property owners to ensure modifications are made carefully. We'll consult with local zoning officials and/or the local DNR office before starting your excavation or shoreline alteration.

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Alteration of the bottom of a lake or river below the Ordinary High Water mark (OHW) is subject to the regulations of the DNR. Alterations above the OHW are subject to regulations of your local government unit.

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Before reconstructing your shoreline, consider what features your current shoreline can be lived with to protect these aspects. When changes are necessary to improve access or recreation, maintain as many natural characteristics as possible to minimize impact on water quality and habitat.

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Since 1995, we've provided exceptional workmanship at affordable rates to all shoreline property owners.

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